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Top-tier consulting at non-profit rates.

Finance for Good

We work exclusively on topics that our team is emotionally driven to solve. From this foundation, we are not looking to maximize our profit and only to have a positive impact on society. 

Since 2012 Finance for Good has done work for every provincial government across Canada. 


Current Focus - Directed Scientific Funding

Set research priorities to create the lasting impact you want to have. Too often science research can seem like a black box. Contact us to demystify the science your ministry funds and how you can create a legacy of research.


Impact from Past Engagements

"The institution Mark helped create for us attracts global talent to campus and really puts us on the map"

Directed Scientific Funding 
Canadian Provincial Government 

“This worked helped us really understand how to attract and retain professors”

Directed Scientific Funding 
Top 50 US University

"We wrote a new procurement process from scratch after engaging with Finance for Good" 

Services Procurement 
Canadian Provincial Government


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I am personally committed to helping you create positive changes in our country. I work with a great team of consultants, as needed, and personally oversee every engagement we take on.

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